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Digital curation and preservation bibliography
Selected Free Indexes and Records - Various Publishers: fulltext This selective bibliography includes over 500 articles, books, and technical reports that are useful in understanding digital curation and preservation.
Diplomacy & Statecraft 0959-2296,1557-301X
Disability in the Modern World
Alexander Street Press - Alexander Street Press: fulltext includes primary sources, supporting materials, and archives, along with 125 hours of video. The content includes: employment, social activism, disability law and policy, sexuality, accessibility, physical and mental disabilities, arts, deafness, blindness, identity, pensions, rehabilitation, welfare and public relief, and many more.
Dublin castle records, 1798-1926
Gale Cengage Databases - Gale Cengage: fulltext Records of the British administration in Ireland prior to 1922, a crucial period which saw the rise of Parnell and the Land War in 1880 through to the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1921. This collection comprises materials from Series CO 904, The National Archives, Kew, UK.