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  • War - Wom
War in History 0968-3445,1477-0385
Sage A-Z - Sage: fulltext 2006-01-01 (v.13 i.1) -
War, State and Society
Taylor & Francis Online - Taylor & Francis: fulltext Provides access to thousands of documents from eleven UK government departments, each responsible for dealing with and reporting on the domestic situation in Britain during the Second World War and its aftermath. Sourced from The National Archives and the History of Advertising Trust.
William and Mary Quarterly 0043-5597,1933-7698
JSTOR - Complete Collection - JSTOR: fulltext 1892-07-01 (v.1 i.1) - 2017-12-31 (v.74 i.4)
Women in The National Archives
Archives Direct: sources from The National Archives UK (Adam Matthews) - Adam Matthew: fulltext This resource comprises: (1) the Finding Aid to Women's Studies Resources in The National Archives, c1559-1995. (2). Facsimiles of documents on the Suffrage Question in Britain, the Empire and Colonial Territories, 1904-1962 taken from following series: Records of the Wallace Collection (AR), Cabinet Office (CAB), Colonial Office (CO), Dominions Office (DO), Home Office (HO), and Metropolitan Police (MEPO).
Women's History Review 0961-2025,1747-583X
Taylor and Francis Current Content - Taylor and Francis: fulltext 2005-01-01 (v.14 i.1) - 2007-12-31 (v.16 i.5)